Expertly crafted online solutions
for small businesses chasing big wins

The Project Process

By using a clearly defined development process, I am able to ensure I can produce quality solutions, with the relevant steps being taken to ensure proper research, planning and design, prior to the actual building out of the project. 


During the Discovery Phase, I dig deep into what the overall needs and goals are for the project, then go away to research and plan a solution that will get you to your goals.

The output of this phase is a Scope of Work document, outlining a recommended solution, and the work involved in developing it.


In the Design Phase, I work with you to design the look, structure and functionality of the proposed solution. 

At the end of this phase, you will be given documents detailing the design to be developed, including how your website looks and behaves.


In the Delivery Phase of the project, I will develop your website, as per the solution plan and approved designs. As well as building your website, this phase also covers setting up the necessary services, such as web hosting, social media, analytics, email, etc.

The result of this phase is the completed solution, ready to go live on the Internet for your customers.


After releasing your website onto the Internet, I move onto the Monitor Phase where I spend a specified amount of time monitoring your site to ensure that all is running well, and to identify any opportunities that can be quickly taken advantage of.

Maintain & Protect


Following the successful completion of your project, it is recommended that you sign up for an ongoing care plan to maintain and protect your site.

This gives you piece of mind knowing that your website is being regularly backed up, security updates applied, and software kept up to date.

Nurture & Grow


For those who are truely invested in the online success of their business, it is vital to keep your website content updated, and to refine your digital strategy to continue making returns on your investment.

Alpine Web Design can regularly advise on digital strategy and marketing, providing you with actionable advice to grow your business online.